Board of Directors

As a nonprofit organization, CSC CHIGAMIK CHC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors representing the diverse communities throughout North Simcoe Muskoka. Our policy is to have equal representation of our local Indigenous populations, Francophone populations as well as Anglophone and Other populations. This structure ensures that CSC CHIGAMIK CHC is representative of the communities it serves, is culturally relevant and ultimately meets its mission.

Community members who currently act as our Board of Directors include:

Indigenous Representatives Francophone Representatives Other Population Representatives

Brenda Laurin

Brigitte Quesnelle

Duncan Matheson

Brenda Jackson

Anne Desroches

Don Copping

Roberta Manitowabi

Gabrielle Maurice

Sean Bisschop – Ex Officio

Vacant position

Élise Robitaille

Tammy Stadt


Ivy Beaton


If you believe in our mission and vision and would like to help build a vibrant, healthy North Simcoe Muskoka, we invite you to contact: 705.527.4154 x200 or