Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission statement explains why we exist and whom we exist for – our clients and the communities we serve. It encompasses an awareness of diverse populations, the broader society, the primary benefits we provide as well as the values held by our staff and volunteers.

Our Mission is:
To provide culturally relevant wholistic programs and services to equip our communities to achieve optimal health and well-being through awareness, health promotion and illness prevention.

Our vision statement explains where we see ourselves in the future. The communities we serve are at the center of this statement and it implies the work to be accomplished. 

Our Vision is:
To be an inclusive place where all are welcome to pursue an enrichment of their quality of life, health and wellness.

Our Values are:
grounded in the Medicine Wheel and the Seven Grandfather Teachings. These include truth, respect, honest, humility, wisdom, love and bravery.
In short, this mission guides CSC CHIGAMIK CHC in its daily work. In addition, this vision inspires us and our community to never give up on its future goals. If you believe in our mission, vision and values, we invite you to (click links below):