What is Miiijim Market?

The Miijim Market is a food-based social enterprise that strives to increase access to healthy food, foster social connections, build healthy communities and address inequality.

Many people living on low income are disproportionately affected by diet-related disease and poor physical and mental health. The goal of the market is to provide more affordable, local food to the entire community of Midland and surrounding areas. It’s also a place for the community to come together, socialize and take part in a variety of free food-based workshops.

The Miijim Market’s success and sustainability depends on the support of everyone in our community. Join us everyone Monday from 3-6pm at Operation Grow in Midland.

Who can access Miijim Market?

The Miijim Market is available to the entire community!

Is the Market only for those who are food insecure?

No. The Miijim Market is a social enterprise and open to everyone. By supporting the market, you are providing sustainability of the market and supporting local businesses who want to partner with us.

What produce do you sell and what are your affordable prices?

The Miijim Market sells a variety of fruits and vegetables that are offered seasonally and locally, whenever possible. Examples of produce sold weekly include potatoes, carrots, onions, turnips, parsnips, rutabaga, beets, radishes, garlic, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, beans, and a variety of lettuce. Fresh fruit such as apples, oranges, bananas, pears, lemons, limes, grapefruit, strawberries, peaches, and grapes are also sold at the market. Prices vary between items, sometimes costing less than $0.15, if the item is local. For a full list of produce sold each week, click here.

Where do your fruits and vegetables come from?

Our fruits and vegetables come from the Ontario Food Terminal and through a local supplier.

I heard you need to become a member, what is required?

We offer free membership at the market. By being a member, you will receive a membership card and a number with your name, date of birth and expiry on it. This allows us to track our sales so that we can continue to purchase the right amount of food each week.

Do you supply grocery bags or do we need to bring our own?

The Miijim Market is trying to reduce waste by having minimal plastic bags. We ask that shoppers bring a reusable bag to pack their groceries in. We do offer a canvas Miijim Market bag for purchase and have brown paper bags for anyone who may have forgotten theirs.

How can I help?

Support the Miijim Market! Becoming a member and shopping at the Miijim Market every week, allows us to continue to provide this affordable market to the entire community. The more support we get, the more produce we can offer. We hope to expand the market to additional locations and times throughout North Simcoe in the future. If you are interested in volunteering at the Miijim Market, please contact Cassandra Forget at 705-527-4154 x 7252.