CHIGAMIK Client Testimonial – Edward Savage

April 1, 2016  

Edward Savage_DRUM


After moving from the Kawarthas over a year ago, Edward Savage was back in his hometown of Midland and looking for a health care facility that would meet his needs. When Edward first came to CSC CHIGAMIK CHC, he was happily surprised when he was greeted at the front desk with smiling faces and open arms. “From the moment I walked into CHIGAMIK, I knew it was a special place. I was so pleased to have found it and felt honoured to take part in the services and programs,” said Edward.

After enlisting the help of Dr. Byron for his primary health care needs and Julien Laramee for couselling, he was transferred to palliative care outside of CHIGAMIK. Although now under the care of another doctor, Edward still comes to CHIGAMIK often to meet with Julien on a regular basis. “I wanted to stay connected with CHIGAMIK because of the atmosphere and how I feel when I’m here. Everyone makes me feel so good.”


Being of Métis decent, drumming plays a very important role in Edward’s life. “I first got involved with the drums at Enaahtig Healing Lodge and Learning Centre years ago. I started making the hoops on my own and slowly learned how to make the drums and put them together,” said Edward.

Throughout the years, Edward has made many drums and donated them to different organizations and people. Most recently, he donated a large drum to CSC CHIGAMIK CHC. “I know that I’m not going to be around forever and this beautiful drum was just sitting in my apartment. I wanted to give it to someone who meant a great deal to me and CHIGAMIK was the perfect place,” said Edward. “This drum means a lot to me because my daughter helped me make it. I hope it gets used by many.”

Edward describes the significance of drumming as breaking down racial barriers. “Since the beginning of civilization, drums have been one of the main universal signals for calling people together regardless of age, race or gender. Drumming can also be very therapeutic and spiritual when getting in touch with our inner selves. I love tapping the drum by myself. It’s such a nice feeling, similar to meditation,” said Edward.

Edward’s drum sits proudly at CSC CHIGAMIK CHC and is a great reminder of CHIGAMIK’s commitment to providing the community with culturally relevant services and reflects the diversity of its broader community.