Massage Therapy Now Available at Chigamik

April 2, 2019  

Charmaine Whitman is a gifted warrior of wellness. She is a proud member of Beausoleil First Nation and of the Eagle clan. With pride in her heart, she walks the good red road of the Anishnabe people.

Embodying her spirit names “Healing Hands Woman” and “Crystal Jaguar Woman,” Charmaine started her own healing journey 20 years ago and has enabled her soul to awaken into consciousness and higher living. Along her personal journey she has acquired many different gifts and skills to assist others on their journey. One of Charmaine’s first experiences into self-healing was in her teenage years, when she was taken to her first Reiki treatment. After years of struggling with depression, childhood trauma, grief, and a physically depleted immune system, Charmaine was told she has the ability to heal herself. She has kept this belief close to her heart and has dedicated her life in service to helping others.

Charmaine is a classically trained Registered Massage Therapist for over 10 years. She is also trained in reflexology, cranial sacral, hot stones therapy, crystal healing, chakras and energy healing, myofascial release, and has acquired her Reiki Master level. She intuitively blends her gifts and skills for a unique and customized session. For more information and to book an appointment at no cost, please contact Chigamik at 705-527-4154.

*Note: Funding for this service is provided under Chigamik’s Kin-Nod-Mo-Win Program. Appointments are open to those who self-identify as First Nation, Métis or Inuit.