Chigamik Client Success Story – Anonymous

December 18, 2015  

Reflections on my healing journey so far…

I came to Chigamik as a broken and simply terrified soul. My mind was not working in expected ways and I was plagued by irrational thoughts. I was not living, just surviving from day to day and trying to keep myself and my family together.

Through the help of Dr. MacSween, Julien Laramee and Chigamik programs, I have made significant progress towards feeling safe and functional again. I still have emotional set backs and I struggle to cope with stress both in healthy ways (exercising) and unhealthy ways (occasional but far less frequent addictive behaviour). Dr. MacSween and Julien listened to my story about my breakdown without judgement and reassured me that there was help.

Julien has listened patiently, and with tremendous respect for openness, to my fears, regrets and worries. He has offered me support and suggestions for coping. I have spoken about things I didn’t believe I could vocalize and it has made a huge difference. When I got sick, I was afraid to tell anyone but my sister because I thought I would lose everything I love. It turns out that my life is not over, it has just changed, and has become a different life. Through the help of my family and the team at Chigamik, I have hope again. I am still here with my beautiful daughter, my family and my friends…and I am so, so, grateful.