November 10, 2016  

By Brian George, Indigenous Cultural Program Coordinator, CSC CHIGAMIK, CHC

During the Summer months of 2015 my brother Basil George and I decided to have an evening Pipe offering. We used two Pipes. We smudged the area and ourselves and had to light a candle for a fire since we were in an apartment building. We offered prayers and smoked. Soon twilight came as the Sun journeyed westward.

My brother announced that he was going to do a Pipe interpretation. An interpretation is when he again holds the Pipe and talks to the Creator, to the Directions and to All Our Relations. Then he sits down and holds the Pipe quietly, always facing the East. Soon he began to talk. He said, “The Grandmothers are here.” 4 Grandmothers came and each had a painted horse with them. They were sitting on a rock ledge. One of the 4 Grandmothers drummed. They were like the Grandfathers but all came from a place above male and female Beings. They were Ancient. They said to offer the Pipe, then pray. They said don’t smoke then pray then smoke some more. It is good to smoke as an offering first, then say the prayers. Someone said, Remember Us.

One of the 4 explained that Prayer, Tobacco and the Pipe creates harmony. Harmony is in the wind; it is the colour on the bark of trees and it is on the ocean waves and whitecaps. They said that Spirit is motion. The rock wall behind the Grandmothers began to move and swirl. They said that when you are talking to someone and they seem to come up against a rock wall in their lives invite them to go through the rock wall, make change, go through the door, for doorways lead to other places. Movement is motion and motion creates colour and sound which is harmony. Someone said, Remember Us. The Grandmothers showed that the spark in the Pipe creates. What is created is maintained by the Lights. Some of the spark in the Pipe helps new creation; some maintains what is already created. Creating comes through the Pipes. The Grandmothers showed that with the Pipes, with the tobacco offerings, the Feasting and the Fasting that we can see the other worlds and star systems through the offerings and harmony. They showed beautiful rivers and shooting stars, all in harmony creating perfect sound and light.

A Grandmother said it is good to Fast a little each day. To set that time aside just for a little while. She said that even a spoonful of greens eaten each day helps to create harmony within. One of the Grandmothers held her Pipe. It had symbols carved into it. She said some of the symbols were from the distant, distant past and some of the symbols were from the distant future. Those Grandmothers dwelled in a place of pure Spirit beyond time and space. Outside of the past and the future. Each wore a colourful skirt that seemed alive, glistening in colourful hues and tones. They were forever changing, creating timescapes and landscapes. The 4 Grandmothers said they were in this world but not of it.

They spoke of the White-Haired Ones. These are the Spirits that help us. They are seen as the glow around trees; they are found within the dew, they are the swelling of the waves and they are in the stars. They are the snorting and thundering of the buffalo tribe. They make the good Medicine. It is for YOU. It is good to honour them.

The Grandmothers said, Remember Us. They faded away, leaving illumination and a great feeling of love for them.