Breastfeeding & Newborn Clinic

The Breastfeeding and Newborn Clinic is provided by the Midland Midwives by the Bay and is dedicated to helping you with your postpartum journey. They provide assessment and treatment plans on infant feeding, neonatal jaundice and well-mom and baby care. They offer a group prenatal breastfeeding class via Zoom to help get feeding off to a great start. Their Board-Certified Lactation Consultant and Registered Midwife is available for both prenatal and postpartum individual appointments to discuss any specific concerns that you may have.

Some things that may be reviewed with the Lactation Consultant include:

  • Latching difficulties

  • Low milk supply and possible need for medication treatment

  • Engorgement or overactive milk supply

  • Breast or nipple pain

  • Suspected infection or mastitis

  • Inducing lactation (adoption, surrogacy, non-childbearing female partner)

  • Poor and/or slow weight gain in breastfed infant

  • Breastfeeding multiples or tandem nursing

  • Breast pump education and/or trouble shooting

In addition, the midwives can offer assessment and management of newborn jaundice, including blood work and admission to hospital for phototherapy, if necessary. Their team can also make referrals to the pediatricians at Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital as needed.


All individuals in the North Simcoe region are eligible for this service. You do not need to be a current client of the Midwives by the Bay.


Their services are free and you do not need a health card to access them. 


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