Our Team

As a client of CSC CHIGAMIK CHC, your circle of care is created with the following teams of professionals:

Primary Health Care

  • Nurse Practitioners (NP) – NP’s are registered nurses with advanced training and experience, which enables them to see clients independently, order routine blood work, and prescribe from a list of approved medications. NP’s consult with Physicians when clients’ needs are beyond their scope of practice.
  • Physicians (Family Doctors) – Physicians treat acute illness, provide on-going support and monitoring for chronic conditions and provide health education.
  • Registered Nurses (RN) – RN’s provide health assessments, treatments, support to people living with chronic illnesses and whole person care. Their main focus is on health promotion and education as well as linking clients with appropriate services. Our RN offers special diabetes clinics, for example, to help people manage their illness.
  • Registered Practical Nurses (RPN) – RPN’s measure and record clients’ vital signs such as: weight, height, pulse, blood pressure and respiration. They provide ear syringing, foot care, draw blood in our onsite lab, process lab specimens, perform EKGs and assist in some medical procedures. They also administer immunizations and injections, sterilize medical equipment, order medical and laboratory supplies, and assist in keeping the exam rooms stocked and the clinic area in a clean state.    

Allied Health Care

  • Community Health Worker (CHW) – CHW’s conduct extensive outreach to isolated individual and families and advocate for clients who face barriers accessing health care services. CHW’s also provide information, resources and referrals

  • Mental Health & Addictions Counsellors (MHC) – MHC’s work with individuals, families and groups to address and treat mental and emotional disorders and to promote good mental health. They are educated to help people with a variety of problems including; depression, anxiety, substance abuse, stress, and grief. They also help with career concerns, issues related to parenting, relationships or marital. Referrals to community resources are made as required.

  • Registered Dietitians – RDs are experts in nutrition, food and healthy eating. Through counselling, programs/workshops and community initiatives, their role is to promote health by improving people’s knowledge and understanding of nutrition. RDs, as an integral part of the health care team, collaborate to help you with chronic disease prevention, managing various medical conditions with a special diet, controlling your weight, feeding your family, connecting you with local resources and any other food related concerns you may have.

  • Physiotherapist – A psychotherapist is a healthcare profession dedicated to enhancing and restoring mobility. Physiotherapists have the education, applied knowledge and treatment techniques to help clients improve and maintain physical mobility and independence, manage and reduce pain, physical limitations or disabilities that may limit activities, and improve overall fitness, health and well being.

  • FLS NavigatorThe FLS Navigator facilitates and coordinates access to French healthcare services, addresses client’s cultural and linguistic needs, and networks with French language service providers and organizational partners. The Navigator supports the strategic goals and initiatives of CSC Chigamik CHC and NSM LHIN to develop culturally and linguistically inclusive care to our Francophone and French-speaking community.

  • OTN Coordinator – The OTN Coordinator provides patient/client care via telemedicine, supports the patient/client during the virtual visit by conducting patient examinations using tele-diagnostic equipment, works with the patient/client and their virtual multidisciplinary teams to plan and support appropriate follow-up care, and maintains clinical competence in caring for the patient/client across a broad spectrum of care.

  • Food Access Worker – Funded by the Local Poverty Reduction Fund, the Food Access Worker works in collaboration with primary and allied health care team members to recruit participants, establish and maintain a weekly market, coordinate health promotion activities related to healthy eating, and support in the evaluation of the program.

Administration & Management

  • Executive Director – The Executive Director administers all aspects of the CHC and ensures the delivery of health services by interpreting and implementing Board policies and programs and by fostering a multidisciplinary team approach.
  • Clinical Manager –  the Clinical Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Primary Care and Allied Health Team.  The Clinical Manager conducts and/or facilitates the planning, development and implementation of services and program activities.
  • Office Manager – The Office Manager develops and implements administrative protocols and procedures, supports human resources administration as well as provides administrative support to the Executive Director and Board of Directors.
  • Community Health Managerthe Community Health Manager works to promote health and prevent illness through the planning, coordination, delivery, and evaluation of Chigamik’s programs. The Program Manager conducts needs analyses, community consultations, oversees the development of program plans, and supports the team in strategic direction.

  • Decision Support Analyst (DSA) – The DSA provides data support and data management functions. This includes the acquisition, verification, retrieval, analysis, interpretation and distribution of data to maintain a thorough understanding of the CHC Model of Health and Well-being, the data model and the CHC evaluation framework including the data relationships, within the CHC and the CHC sector.

  • Administrative Assistant – The Administrative Assistant provides a wide range of administrative and general office support to facilitate the efficient operation of the organization. 

  • Medical Office Administrators – The Medical Office Administrators are responsible for the efficient and effective operation of the CHC office, particularly the clinic. The Medical Office Administrators work within a multi-disciplinary team to provide a variety of administrative and logistical support.