Online Appointment Booking

We understand just how busy your day can be. As part of our commitment to improve the delivery of your healthcare, we are piloting a new online appointment booking system for select services listed below.

This service is available 24/7 through a secure and confidential portal integrated into our electronic medical records (EMR). The online booking system should NOT be used for a medical emergency. Should you require immediate attention, please call 911 or go to your nearest hospital.

You can book an appointment for select services by simply clicking on the BOOK NOW links below. *If you do not see an available appointment, or if the type of appointment you require is not available, please call Chigamik reception at 705-527-4154.

Primary Care

If you are a client of Dr. Byron or Dr. Lee or Nurse Practitioner, Lisa Ladouceur, Sandy Parks or Nicole Ayotte, you may book a primary care appointment here: BOOK NOW

If you require a same-day appointment, you may book one here: BOOK NOW

*Same day appointments are intended to address health care issues or needs that have come up unexpectedly and require same-day assessment or intervention. Same-day appointments are not intended for pre-existing or longstanding health care issues.

Dietitian Services

If you have a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner at Chigamik, you may book an appointment with Chigamik’s Dietitian here: BOOK NOW

Physiotherapy Services

If you have a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner at Chigamik, you may book a follow-up appointment with Chigamik’s Physiotherapist here: BOOK NOW

*To book your initial physiotherapy consultation, please see your primary care provider.

Mental Health Counselling Services

If you are currently receiving counselling from one of Chigamik’s therapists, you may book an appointment with your therapist here: BOOK NOW

*If you have a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner at Chigamik and you would like to access our counselling services, please contact Jeff Graham at 705-527-4154 x7206 or to submit a referral.

Traditional Healing Services

To book an appointment for Traditional Healing services, CLICK HERE

Need Help?

If you require further assistance, please call Christian Ogbonna at 705-527-4154 x7223 or