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February 28, 2020

1:00 pm Concurrent Disorders Group

Join us for this weekly drop-in Concurrent Disorders Group. This group focuses on discussion around issues related to substance use and mental health and how these issues affect each person’s quality of life. The group provides an environment designed to assist individuals to become aware of their own experiences of concurrent disorders and encourages participants to practice effective ways of interacting while developing new skills.

No need to register, simply drop in!

March 2, 2020

9:00 am Traditional Healing: Jake Ago Neh

Honoured Traditional Healers use traditional Indigenous approaches to bring about wellness for individuals and/or groups with mental, physical, spiritual and emotional holistic healing needs. 

About Jake Ago Neh
Jake is Aniishnaabe from SheguiandahFirst Nation. Under the direction of Adam Lussier, Jake began doing his healing work. Jake conducts a variety of ceremonies on a regular basis including one-on-one consultations, Sweat Lodges, Talking Circles, administering herbal medicines, spiritual guidance and Naming Ceremonies. All people, wherever they reside, can utilize Jake’s services to find good health and direction in their lives.

*Please note that it is customary to give a gift of tobacco to the Healers at each visit. To learn more please contact Brian George, Indigenous Cultural Program Coordinator at: 705.527.4154 x204. To schedule an appointment, please contact CHIGAMIK reception at 705-527-4154.


March 2, 2020

11:00 am Mindful Mondays

This free, drop-in class fosters an accepting, non-judgmental environment to learn and practice different mindfulness exercises and topics each week. Sample topics include, learning how to breathe, awareness of your senses, the power of choice, mindful movement, and mindful pain management. *All levels are welcome! No registration is required.

No registration required, simply drop-in!

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