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July 16, 2019

9:00 am Kin-Nod-Mo-Win Diabetes Foot Care

Regular foot care significantly improves comfort, mobility and the general health of your feet. This is particularly important for people with diabetes because regular foot care can prevent problems and assist in early identification and care if problems do occur.

Our Kin-Nod-Mo-Win Foot Care Services include:

  • Foot care assessment
  • Nail cutting and filing
  • Care of ingrown toe nails
  • Corn and callus care
  • Education on foot hygiene and proper footwear
  • Diabetic foot care education

To book an appointment, please contact Chigamik reception at 705-527-4154.

July 16, 2019

9:00 am Traditional Healing: Jake Ago Neh

Honoured Traditional Healers use traditional Indigenous approaches to bring about wellness for individuals and/or groups with mental, physical, spiritual and emotional holistic healing needs. 

*Please note that it is customary to give a gift of tobacco to the Healers at each visit. To learn more please contact Brian George, Indigenous Cultural Program Coordinator at: 705.527.4154 x204. To schedule an appointment, please contact 705-527-4154 x252.


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