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October 23, 2017

10:00 am Little Chefs

Cooking is great family activity to do together! Cooking with your young ones is a fantastic way to encourage healthy eating from the start. Parents, caregivers and their children are encouraged to join in on this group cooking program to teach their kids important skills in the kitchen. Cooking their own food will make children proud of themselves – a great self-esteem booster as they taste and serve something they made from scratch!

Each week will be focused on a different theme and will include a story, craft and a cooking activity.

No need to register, simply drop in!

October 23, 2017

11:00 am Kitchen Talk

Join us at Knox Church every Monday for a FREE drop-in cooking program! Learn how to prepare simple and healthy recipes, dine together and take food home. No need to register, just drop by and join in. This program has been made possible by a generous donation from the Midland Rotary Club. 

*Note: Kitchen Talk will not be taking place on statutory holidays that occur on Monday

No need to register, simply drop in!

October 23, 2017

1:00 pm Change the Pain

This program combines dance and movement therapy for individuals with chronic pain. Dance and movement therapy provides transcendent and healing powers for whole body and mind integration. Dance is naturally therapeutic due to its physical, emotional and spiritual components. Brain areas involved in processing pain are connected to touch, emotion, memory, movement, and coordination - all of which are central to dance and movement.  With enjoyable, accessible movements, you will learn coping strategies that engage the brain's plasticity, promoting changes in neural structures that influence how you experience and process chronic pain.*No dance experience required! 
*There is no class on Monday, October 9 2017.
*Please note this program is part of a NeuroDance Research Group. For more information about the research group, please click here.
Please contact Rebecca Barnstaple at 705-543-9670 to register for the program and learn more about the research group.

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